So, who is Randy Edwards? 

Unless you happened upon my little corner of the world, you have probably never heard of me.  And that’s okay.  So here’s my history in short form:

I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Before I ever started school, I knew that I wanted to be a radio announcer.  I was able to live that dream.

My broadcasting career goes back 50 years.  I started working at an AM/FM in Fort Wayne Indiana in early 1974.  The company was sold less than 3 years later and all announcers were let go.

My next stop was the small town of Angola, Indiana, located in Steuben County.  Except for a year to help manage the startup of a new frequency in Muncie, Indiana, I stayed in Angola for the rest of my working career.  I started working at WLKI-FM in August of 1976.  You might have heard of WLKI if you were interested in radio, because it was known around the country as an amazing small town radio station doing live Top 40.

During my years there, I worked every shift, was involved in programming, production, live broadcasting, community service and everything except sales.  I continued on the air until 2009.

Starting in the spring of 1993, I became the morning announcer of our country station, WLZZ Country 104.5 in Bryan, Ohio.  That meant doing 2 live air-shifts a day.  I continued doing the morning show until the owner of the company of what became 8 stations, decided to change the format to classic rock and I was “retired.”  The timing was good as I had just turned 65 and did not need the company’s health insurance.

This allowed me to focus on my business which I started in 2009.  Now, I produce a 2-hour weekly show called “Edwards’ Archives.” (See “Edwards’ Archives” for more information.)  I plan to continue produce shows for years to come.

Upon retirement, I moved to a small town called Edon, Ohio, just over the Indiana border in Williams County, Ohio.  It seems that my the moves in my life has taken me to smaller communities and I could not be happier!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!